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Benefits of Working Out Together!

Does your significant other or spouse need a little extra motivation to start exercising and change their lifestyle…

 Here are a few ways to encourage your spouse or partner to join you at the Club!


Work the money and flexibility angle. Mention that he or she can join anytime with no extra fees. Also, all of our memberships are flexible; they will never be “locked in.”


Speak their language. If saving a little money isn't exciting enough, lure your significant other with talk about relaxing steam rooms, babysitting services, massage therapy, and TVs to watch sports and The Food Network while they exercise.


Surprise, you're exercising! There's no backing down if you casually sign up your spouse or partner for yoga, boxing, Spinning or a Free workout with a personal trainer.


If all else fails, pour on a little guilt!  Telling your other half how much you love them and want to live a long life together is sure to be emotional for both of you, and is bound to inspire a ride on the healthy train. Guilt can work wonders and maybe once they show up, they'll try a few classes or machines and like it so much that you'll have yourself a permanent workout partner. Use this one as a last resort!

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