Celebrating over 30 years of squash.


the gym at Southport Athletic offers;


Four international squash courts

Private lessons and clinics for men, women and junior players

Competitive ladders

Round robins


Social events

Pro shop which offers racquets, stringing, footwear, eyewear and other squash gear




Attila Agh

Attila was born and raised in Hungary where he played collegiate squash.
He enjoys working with all ages and levels and has taught squash professionally for over 15 years. Formerly, he was a coach at The Chatham Club in NJ, where his accomplishments were reflected in remarkable results. Hundreds of his students were inspired by his energy and passion of teaching. As they fell in love with the game of squash, many of them reached top national rankings, including a Junior National Champion and a US Junior World Team participant.
Attila is now ready to use his skills to build and foster a squash program at the gym at Southport Athletic. In addition to his professional qualifications, his main attributes are enthusiasm and dependability. He takes pride in being a positive influence on young athletes and aiding in their continued development.
Attila is also currently affiliated with US Squash as a regional coach, as he is working on the development and creation of the future Junior World Team.






Bookings may be made up to 7 days in advance. A court may be booked for no more than 1 session at a time. If courts are not reserved at the end of your 45 minute session, you may continue on any open court. If you have reserved a court or scheduled a lesson, you must allow at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. Failure to provide notice will incur a charge for either court time or a full lesson.

Players are broken into groups of 6. Each group is a “box” that has a month to play a mini round-robin among the other players within their box. The list and boxes are initially set up by the pro according to skill level of players. Scheduling is completely flexible and is entirely up to each player. Before each month all the players will be emailed the contact information of other players in their same box and instructions for score entry. You must keep track of all the game points (scores) as they are needed for tie break determination. When you finish a match the winner goes online and enters the scores at US Squash. The results are public so you’ll know your standings during the course of the monthly cycle. The matches are played by US Squash rules (11pts, best of 5 games). The highest total scoring points wins the Box. In the case of a tie, the winner is the winner of the head-to-head match. In a three way tie, the winner is the player who allows the fewest points to the other players. The winner of the boxes will move up two levels, while the loser will move down 2 levels. The runner up of each box will move up 1 box and the second to last player moves down one box. The 2 remaining middle players will remain in the same box for next month’s play. If you sign up and commit to participate for a month you are expected to play your matches. Protective Eyewear is mandatory! Matches will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time by both players. The results must be completed and reported by the last day of the month. The winning player is responsible for reporting scores within 24 hours of match play. Scores can be entered by following these simple steps:Log in to www.ussquash.com, click on the following link:enter scores, find the box where you are playing and click the radio button to the left of your name. Players may enter or exit the box league for the following month, by emailing the pro at: aagh@thegym.com, or Bahman Azarm at:bazarm@me.com 


For step-by-step instructions on all U.S. Squash Box League Player Features, click here to view or print Box League Player instructions.



Enroll for a series of squash lessons or clinics by contacting the pro at aagh@thegym.com.



Protective glasses are required and available for purchase in the pro shop. The likelihood of injuries will be reduced if players wear appropriate footwear during their game. This reduces the amount of dust/dirt walked onto the courts, keeping the playing surfaces free from the debris that creates dangerous playing conditions. Additionally, non-marking shoes must be worn on the courts at all times.